7 Tasks to Prepare Your Home for Fall Weather

With cooler weather upon us, you may want to make sure your home is sealed up tight and ready for winter. It’s much easier to tackle these tasks now, rather than wait to do them in the rain or snow.

  1. Check your home for leaks in your window seals or roof. If your home’s eaves have stains, that can indicate a leak. If you find any stains, call a roof contractor to make any repairs before winter. 
  2. During the next rainstorm, check your gutters and ensure the water drains away from the home.  If your area experiences snow, any back-up of gutters may result in ice damming and lead to water damage. Before winter arrives, shut off all outside water faucets or garden hose connections, then drain hoses and store them in the garage.
  3. Clean overgrown vegetation and trim dead branches from trees that are close to your home. Also give your lawn one last cut before cleaning and storing your lawn mower.
  4. Clean out your grill and fire pit. Cover up or store any outdoor furniture, so it’s out of the elements and stays nice for next year.
  5. If you have a HVAC service contract, have them stop by. Otherwise, replace filters and install covers on the AC condensing units on the outside of the home.
  6. Call a professional to check your fireplace – especially if you plan to use it during the winter. Nothing is worse than smoking up your home when the weather is cold because your fireplace flue wasn’t cleaned. If you do use your fireplace, be sure to dispose of the ashes properly using a fireproof metal bucket.
  7. Make sure everything you’ll need for winter is in good working order. If your area gets snow, test your snow blower and have it serviced. Ensure your outdoor activated night lights or security system components are all operating correctly. 

Article from https://www.chubb.com/

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