Policy Review

What is it?

After examining your current policies, you receive a report presented in plain language that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your policies.

Why do I need one?

Most people focus on price, and assume they’re properly protected.

Every Review Report we’ve presented has identified items you need to address.

Issues may include:

- missing discounts

- missing coverages

- underinsured – not enough coverage

- potentially hearing “claim denied – we’ll pay you nothing”

What does it cost?

Currently, this service is free.

Can you provide a quote for me as well?

Your Review Report includes our best quote, side-by-side next to your current policy.

You’ve never seen a side-by-side comparison - until now.

What types of Policies do you review?

We’ll provide you with a Report for your:

- detached home/townhouse/condo

- rental properties

- seasonal - cottages

- 2ndary homes

- auto

Realtors, Financial Advisors and Mortgage Brokers – this is ideal for you

How can this help me personally?

We’ve reviewed many of your home policies over the years.

The bad news is that we’ve discovered over 80% of you could potentially hear

“claim denied – we’ll pay you nothing.”

First, let’s fix your issues.

How can this help my business?

Offer this free boutique-type level of service that helps you stand out from your competitors.

Realtors and Mortgage Brokers help clients:

  • Finance it
  • Buy/Sell it
  • The missing link?  Protect it - properly!

Don’t just discuss insurance at transaction time.

Bad things can happen the other 364 days of the year.

Share a free Policy Review with your clients!

Financial Advisors can now help protect your client’s largest tangible assets.

Don’t just discuss Critical Illness, Disability or Wealth Management solutions.

Share a free Policy Review with your clients!

They need property and auto insurance regardless. Why not share this?

I’m interested to learn more- how does this work?

Let’s have a brief call to discuss:

Larry Hoover


c: 705.796.3299