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Information About the Property Being Evaluated:
Postal Code:
Year Home Was Built:
Years You Have Resided Here:
Number of Families Residing in Household:
Square Footage (Excluding Basement):
Distance to Nearest Firehall:
Distance to Nearest Fire Hydrant:

Exterior Walls:% Brick   % Wood   % Siding   % Vinyl   % Other  
Number of Stories:
Is Your Home: Detached   Semi-Detached   Townhouse   Back Split   Tri Level   Split Level  
Attached Garage: Yes   No
Rooms Above Garage: Yes   No
Detached Garage: Yes   No
Other Detached Buildings:
(i.e. Garden Sheds, Cabanas)
Yes   No
Do You Have?
    Wooden Decks: Yes   No
    Porches: Yes   No
    Hot Tub: Yes   No
    Swimming Pool: Yes   No

Interior Floor:% Hardwood   % Laminate  
% Carpet   % Ceramic Tile  
% Other, Specify:
Foundation Type: Basement   Concrete Slab   Crawl Space
Fireplace - How Many of:Gas Fireplace:   Wood Burning Fireplace:
Wood Burning Stove:
Number of Bathrooms:Half Bath:   Full Bath:
Number of Kitchens:
Windows - Number of:Bay/Bow:   Picture:
Doors - Number of:Atrium:   French:
Sliding Glass:   Steel:
Central Air Conditioning: Yes   No
Central Vacuum: Yes   No
Smoke Detectors:
(On Each Floor)
Yes   No

   Year Replaced:
   Furnace Type: Oil   Natural Gas   Propane   GeoThermal   Electric
Plumbing (Piping):
   Year Updated:
   Plumbing Type: Copper   ABS   Galvanized
   Year Updated:
   Electrical Type: Circuit Breakers   Fuses
   Amps: 60   100   200
   Year Updated:
   Roof Type: Asphalt Shingles   Tile   Steel   Other, Specify

Fire Alarm: Yes   No
Burglar Alarm: Yes   No
Mortgage On This Property: Yes   No
Smokers In The Household: Yes   No
Occupation of Owners:

Date of Birth:
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    Owner 2:
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Do you own a car for which you would like an estimate on car insurance? Yes   No

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