Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Insurance Barrie – Business Insurance Orillia

Buying the right commercial insurance is your first step in disaster planning.

Any and every business can become involved in a lawsuit. Whether you are at fault or not, going to court costs a great deal of time and money. When you purchase Commercial Business Insurance your business liability operations and property described in the policy are protected, as well as legal expenses & additional judgment protection.

Judgments do not “go away”, wages can be garnished, equipment can be liquidated, bank accounts frozen and other assets seized to pay a judgment. It is important for an incorporated business to carry sufficient liability coverage, as failure to do so may jeopardize the officers & directors of that corporation. Choosing to use an insurance broker offers the consumer a greater variety of choice and allows you to draw upon an educated and experienced team of seasoned professionals. Let the expertise of Louis Meier Ins. earn your business and protect you in time of need. We are your reliable resource for Commercial Insurance .

Our many insurance products provide insurance protection for many types of commercial business.

Commercial Property & Liability Insurance for:

· Garages

· Retirement/Nursing Homes

· Commercial Automobile Fleets

· Bonding/Surety bonds

· Restaurants

· Contractors

· Manufacturing Risks

· Retail Risks

· Commercial Realty Risks

· Residential Course of Construction

· Business Services

· Janitorial (incl. 3rd party bonding)

· Funeral Homes

· Hairstylists

· Opticians & Optometrists (incl. Professional liability)

· Entertainment

· Hospitality

· Ocean Marine

· Oil & Gas

· Passenger Transportation

· Public Sector

· Technology

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